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For those of you not familiar with me or my cables, this will only take about 3 minutes to read, and I promise you it’s worth it.

I find the gimmick-laden marketing for power cords, and the over-pricing that goes with them a little insulting. I believe in Math and Science, not marketing.
My gear is important to me. I put a lot of time, effort, and money in to it, and I think I make rational buying decisions about it. And yeah, there’s a bit of emotion thrown in there too, because at the end of the day I want to feel good about those buying decisions. I’m sure that all applies to you too, and I think it’s why you’re taking the time to read this (thanks for that, by the way).
All aspects of our gear, from the specs to the overall sound/performance, are designed, manufactured, and stated based on “ideal conditions”. To put it in real terms, if your current (no pun intended) power cord suffers from a 2%-3% voltage drop (which is typical), then your overall performance suffers as a result (power loss from your amplifier[s], for example – and don’t forget to include powered subs on that list). There is a direct correlation between voltage drop and power/performance loss – that’s not marketing, that’s Math.
A power cord has two jobs – get electrical current from an outlet to your gear (using conductors and plugs), and keep the signal as clean as possible (using insulation/shielding). You could distill it further and simply say, despite what some companies may tell you in their marketing, a power cord conducts electricity. And when it comes to conducting electricity, there are two simple and steadfast rules:

1. Higher Gauge = Lower Voltage Drop and Lower Resistance
(better current flow – the fire hose vs. garden hose analogy)
2. More Insulation & Shielding = Less Interference
(better signal integrity)

So, with that preamble out of the way, NRG Custom Cables proudly presents to you ‘The .1’ v2 (The Point One – Version 2).

This carefully handmade power cable is constructed with 3 separate 7.5 AWG conductors (Line, Neutral, and Ground), and it utilizes over 25% more conductors, and contains over 30% more insulation than typical 10 AWG cables. When compared to 12 AWG cables it’s downright unfair because it has more than TWICE the conductors, which equates to less than HALF the resistance. When it comes to anything smaller than 12 AWG, well… I think you get the picture.
To ensure high conductivity, ‘The .1’ v2 comes standard with Copper plugs plated in Gold, 4N OFC conductors encased in a Teflon dielectric, and premium insulation (cotton) placed between the insulated conductors, which is also an excellent dielectric material.
To ensure exceptional signal integrity, I have placed the plugs in an All-Aluminum Chassis, which does an excellent job of rejecting noise by itself, but I take the extra step of grounding them. This serves to capture the noise and direct it away from the rest of your gear.
The “bundle” of conductors and insulation is covered in a layer of Vibration Reduction Sleeve, which is a bi-axially braided combination of monofilament (single strand) and multi-filament (a bundle of thin long strands) PET yarns, then the finishing sleeve is put on (your choice of colour).

‘The .1’ gets its name from the fact that it achieves the nearly impossible – a Voltage Drop of LESS than 0.1% and a loss of fewer than 0.1 volts in its full run.
Those numbers are based on a full 15 Amp load at 120 volts – I don’t manipulate numbers to improve a story.
Keep in mind that a 3% voltage drop is considered “acceptable” in power cable manufacturing, so less than 0.1% is pretty much unheard of. [even the 20 Amp version is still only 0.11% on a full load]

I was driven to make ‘The .1’ by pride and passion, not profit.

That said, I know my pride and passion will only take me so far, and I understand the challenge(s) I face here.
I get it – I’m a relative unknown.
You don’t know what these cables are all about, and just as importantly (if not, more so) you don’t know what I’m all about.
I know you don’t want to get taken for a ride (there’s enough snake oil out there to drown in), and/or maybe you’re thinking there’s no way ‘The .1’ can stand up to big name cables you know and trust – at these prices, how could it?
Like I said, I get it.
Allow me to share some of what my clients have said about me and about ‘The .1’ (printed with their permission), which should help you feel more comfortable:

“I’m feeling that voodoo… Great cable at a fraction of the cost of big name cables… You’re in for a treat… Nawaz is easy to deal with and believes in his product.” – I.P.

“Nice full bass, better separation of instruments, more air, and a nice rich sound. Top quality… Buy from Nawaz with confidence.” – S.L.

“The build quality is amazing… The most noticeable improvement was to the low frequencies/ba

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