10 awg ALL COPPER flexible Power Cord – Genuine Sonarquest plugs – starting at 70.00$


10 awg Power Cable pure copper cable. That’s 74% more copper than a 12 gauge cable!

Terminated high-end genuine Sonarquest All-Copper plugs. Not fake copper like virtually all no-name plugs.

Very flexible for a cable power cord, let alone a 10awg one. Very easy to work with.

1.0m: 70.00$ (or shorter)
1.5m: 80.00$
2.0m: 90.00$
2.5m: 100.00$ and so on


Although not quite known as Wattgate or Furutech, Sonarquest uses superior materials than their more popular counterparts. Contrary to most AC plugs, these use ONLY copper for the ultimate in conductivity. You can spend over 100$ for a Furutech AC connector set and not even have 100% copper (the IEC is brass). You typically get pure copper in 200$+ sets. DON’T BE FOOLED BY EBAY TYPE ‘NO-NAME” AC PLUGS THAT CLAIM TO BE COPPER! In my experience, the vast majority, if not all, are made of very cheap ferrous alloys, which create magnetic fields. Terrible for audio applications. I would always advise against no name plugs you see on most budget power cords.

Cryogenic -196 degrees treatment increase the density of metal, hardness and impact toughness. Use of concave and convex security design insure perfect contact that can withstand the pull of 8KG. Sonarquest are the real deal and the absolute best bargain in power connectors.


Very solidly built. Each pole is terminated with high quality, thick Panduit 12-10 awg copper fork spades to insure very solid grip. Not only is every single strand held solidly in place but, as seen in pictures, the contact area of the fork and the plug are perfectly flush (see pictures). This much contact area is impossible when screwing down the wire directly. The thicker the cable the more difficult to use all the strands. With this design the entire gauge of the 10 awg wire is utilized. I’ve took a look inside many very expensive cables only to be shocked to see how poorly a lot of them are put together. Some actually have many loose strands sticking out or, even if they were inserted in the plug correctly, the whole contact surface of the wire is never completely used.

No bells and whistles here. Just a very solid, easy to work with, 10 awg pure cooper cable at a terrific price. Which is more than can be said for a lot of cables out there. I think it looks pretty good too!

AVAILABLE in black/silver lining, black/blue lining, black/white trim, plain black, checkered black/blue, checkered black/red.

I have sold close a hundred of these since I introduced it 3 months ago. Some have bought 4, 5 or even 6 at a time. My buyers have all been extremely satisfied, as I’m sure you will be too.
Most have noted an immediate and very noticeable improvement in bass performance. With time, some more subtle improvements have also have been noted.
I am convinced you will be, like past buyers, impressed by the looks, built quality and performance of this cable.

Satisfied buyer:

“Well what can I say. Wow. You’ve made me a true believer in your product. We have some go to tracks that I mic with a dB rating of about 85 db at the start and I can’t believe what I just heard and saw. Saw, because I track the dB live.
London Grammar “Hey Now” was nothing short of unbelievable. We started with the 85 dB and listen to a wonderful song usually. But with these cables connected to the amps and speakers the dB (especially the base) kept rising to a crazy crescendo. 85 to 98dB! Never seen this before. The other of first songs was Nils Lofgren “Neil don’t go”. Wow the detail was so clear because usually the strings can get muddled and these help with separation of very difficult string riffs.”

– D.M.

No lower offers will be accepted.

Will ship almost anywhere in Canada at flat rate of 15.00$


15.00$ SHIPPING FLAT FEE (almost everywhere in Canada)

New shipping box. Items securely held in place with thick shipping paper. Nothing loose.
Connectors and heat shrink part of the cables always protected by bubble wrap.

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